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March 7 - 9, 2024

Hyatt Palm Springs, CA

The 2024 Palm Springs Symposium on HIV/AIDS will be March 7– 9, 2024 in Palm Springs, CA.  This is the thirtieth of an annual series of conferences organized by the UCI Cancer Research Institute and the UCLA CFAR/AIDS Institute.  The aim of this conference is to provide the latest information and to facilitate discussion between researchers both in HIV/AIDS and in related disciplines. The 2024 meeting will address various aspects of HIV infection, ranging from basic aspects of HIV replication, host restriction factors and immunity, immunopathogenesis, and approaches to preventing and controlling infection.

The conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 7 through Sunday, March 10.  All events (including scientific sessions, meeting accommodations and meal functions) will be held at the Hyatt Palm Springs.  Scientific sessions will begin 4:00 PM on March 7 and conclude the evening of March 9.  Meeting registration includes lodging for the nights of March 7 – 9, allowing for departure on March 10.

Invited Speakers

Katharine  Bar ● University of Pennsylvania
Elena Bekerman  ● Gilead Sciences
Dennis Burton ● Scripps Research
Paula Cannon ● University of Southern California
Carol Carter ● Stony Brook University
Ann Chahroudi ● Emory University
Kiera Clayton ● University of Massachusetts
John Coffin ● Tufts University
Chandravanu Dash ● Meharry Medical College
Ronald Desrosiers ● University of Miami
Howard Gendelman ● University of Nebraska
Nancy Haigwood ● Oregon Health & Science University
Jarrod Johnson ● University of Utah
Jonathan Karn ● Case Western Reserve University
Kamel Khalili ● Temple University
Mike McCune ● Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Greg Melikian ● Emory University
Afam Okoye ● Oregon Health & Science University
Vinay Pathak ● National Cancer Institute
Mario Stevenson ● University of Miami
Wes Sundquist ● University of Utah


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