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The following is a non-exaustive list of UCI research resources that may be applicable to cancer research. CRI has created infosheets for download that summarizes each resource that can be used for grant applications.

More Shared Resources

Visit the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center Shared Resources Page

BioBehavioral Shared Resource (BBSR)

Director: Micheal Hoyt, PhD
Manager: Jose Lechuga
Facility Website:

Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR)

Director: Min Zhang, MD, PhD
Wen-Pin Chen, MS
Facility Website:

Experimental Tissue Resource (ETR)

Director: Robert Edwards, MD
Co-Director:Wendy Cozen, DO, MPH
Delia Tifrea, MBA
Facility Website:

Genomics Research & Technology Hub

Director: Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD
Melanie Oakes, PhD
Bioinformatics Core Director: Jenny Wu, PhD
Facility Website:

In Vivo Functional Onco Imaging (IVFOI)

Director: Gultekin Gulsen, PhD
Farouk Nouizi · PhD
Facility Website:

Optical Biology Core

Director:Rahul Warrior, PhD
Adeela Syed, PhD
NLOM Manager: 
Mihaela Balu, PhD
Facility Website:

Flow Cytometry Facility (FCF)

IFI Flow Core Facility
Michael Hou, PhD
Facility Website: *(Outdated)

Transgenic Mouse Facility (TMF)

Director: Grant MacGregor, DPhil
Shimako Kawauchi, PhD
Facility Website:

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