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Six research projects in the field of integrative health have been awarded UCI Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute Pilot Program grants for 2023. Among the recipients were CRI Affiliates: Elizabeth Bess and Katrine Whiteson (Co-I) for the proposal,”Investigating the role of Bifidobacterium diversity on fiber degradation for development of multi-strain probiotics” and Angela Fleischman(Co-I) and Katrine Whiteson (PI) for the proposal, “Priming breast cancer surgical patients for success with high fiber diets to promote microbiome and immune health”. For the full list of recipients: HERE

Ssihi 2023 Pilot Awardees
Top, from left: Geoffrey W. Abbott, PhD (Co-I), Kevin T. Beier, PhD (PI), Elizabeth Bess, PhD (Co-I), Alexandre Chan, PharmD (Co-I), Oliver S. Eng, MD (PI), Laura Esserman, MD (Co-I). Middle, from left: Angela Fleischman, MD, PhD (Co-I), Liang-Wu Fu, MD, PhD (PI), Zhi-Ling Guo, MD, PhD (Co-I), Karen Todd Lane, MD (Co-I), Karen Lindsay, PhD (Co-I). Bottom, from left: Jennifer Martiny, PhD (PI), Hannah Lui Park, PhD (PI), Stephanie C. Tjen-A-Looi, PhD (Co-I), Katrine Whiteson, PhD (PI, Co-I), Nathan Wong, PhD (Co-I).
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